Materials Characterisation using Electron Beams

View of the cross-section of a magnetic lens with schematic diagram of an electron microscope © Copyright: T. Weirich

The Central Facility for Electron Microscopy, GFE for short, offers a wide range of electron beam methods for the chemical and structural characterization of solid matter and materials. The methods used at the GFE provide complete quantitative information about the material under investigation down to the subnanometer range. Here you can learn more about the physical principles of our analysis methods.

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View of a modern computer-controlled electron beam microprobe EPMA © Copyright: A. Herwartz

Get to know our electron beam microprobe EPMA.

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View into the sample chamber of a Focus Ion Beam FEI Strata 400 STEM © Copyright: A. Herwartz

Learn about the focused ion beam technique.

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View of a modern computer-controlled scanning electron microscope SEM © Copyright: A. Herwartz

Scanning electron microscopy is used to image surfaces and microstructures with a resolution down to 1nm and very high depth of field. Get an overview of our research.

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View into the large chamber SEM © Copyright: Peter Winandy

Learn about the application areas of large chamber SEM.



(S)TEM - (Scanning) transmission electron microscopy

View of Transmission Electron Microscop FEI Tecnai F20 © Copyright: Achim Herwartz

Learn about the applications and special techniques of transmission electron microscopy, which is used to irradiate, image, diffract, and analyze solids with electrons.

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AFM - Atomic Force Microscopy

Three-dimensional graphical representation of a measurement result with the AFM © Copyright: GFE

The atomic force microscope is used to examine the topography of surfaces made of any material using a sharp tip that is about 200 nm long and has a tip radius of less than 10 nm.

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